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We selected this week’s poem, 'Happy Valentine' by Azita Ghahreman from Iran to celebrate National Poetry Day. This year the theme is messages: 'say it with a poem'.

In this case we are suggesting using 'Happy Valentine' if you need to end a relationship. Azita's has penned the ultimate anti-love poem, and if your feelings have soured, her words can be deployed to leave your former lover in no doubt about the end of your relationship. Perfect if you want to leave a spike in their heart as you walk out the door.

The poem is read first in English translation by Maura Dooley and then in Farsi by Azita. If you enjoy this recording and would like to find out more about Azita Ghahreman and all the other poets we’ve translated, please visit our website www.poetrytranslation.org.

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