DUAL Poetry Podcast

Join the PTC's Partisipation Producer Bern Roche Farrelly and one of our Queer Digital Residency translators Jon Herring for a wide ranging conversation about getting started in translation, the interplay between linguistics and transition  and , of course, a discussion of queer readings of DC superhero. Who else remembers Chris O'Donnell's robin?

But wait... what was the Queer Digital Residency? The Poetry Translation Centre (UK) and the Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina) partnered together to run a Queer Digital Residency programme to support two queer-identifying translators in 2022 and 2023. We worked with one translator based in Argentina, Paula Galindez, translating from English into Spanish and one translator based in the UK, Jon Herring, translating from Spanish into English. During the residency the translators received tailored seminar support, led translation workshops, produced a new body of translations, and generated videos reflecting on the translation process. They also both recorded podcast interviews, so, watch out for our Paula Galindez chat coming soon.

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